Even though Christmas feels like it was yesterday, I can't pass up the opportunity to spoil Ruby, especially if it's in honor of a holiday celebrating love! While she truly needs nothing I use Valentine's Day and Easter to buy her essentials and a small thing or two she will really love. For instance, we are going on a warm weather vacation at the end of March, so along with a toy and book she will be opening a new bathing suit and pair of sunglasses. It's a win win!

1. Swimsuit - This sweet little swimsuit is the perfect way to celebrate a holiday centered around love. Hearts never go out of season, or style!

2. Nike Sneakers - As warm weather days begin to pop up, the babies need a shoe option other than their fur lined, waterproof, chunky boots. Sneakers are a great weather transition shoe!

3. Book - No one can ever have too many books! This twist on a classic is perfect for reading to your little ones on Valentine's Day.

4. Pajamas - A practical gift that is guaranteed to excite when it hosts their favorite character! In this house, we can NEVER have enough Minnie Mouse. Ever.

5. Sunglasses - These polarized shades are too cute for words. The tortoise shell frames are guaranteed to conjure up a few "oooohs, and ahhhhs," and sunglasses are a necessity as we head into the warmer months.

6. Puzzle - We love puzzles, and the added fun of a magnetic fishing pole makes this particular puzzle a slam dunk. 

7. Swing - If we had a yard for this swing, it would be in my shopping cart ready for purchase. I love this fun alternative to a standard swing and I am sure kiddos would get hours of entertainment out of it.

8. Rain Boots - Before the sunshine comes the rain. With the rainy months approaching a great pair of rain boots make puddle stomping acceptable! 

9. Umbrella - To pair with their rain boots, of course!

10. Legos - While Ruby is still a bit young for traditional Lego sets, the Duplos are perfect for her tiny hands. She loves to build and create, and she LOVES Minnie. She will be opening this on Valentine's Day. 



Seeing seasons and holidays through Ruby's eyes is one of my favorite things about parenthood. Everything is new and exciting for her and Phil and I love experiencing them with her. Now that fall is in full swing we have taken advantage of pumpkin patches, hayrides, and petting zoos and she couldn't be more obsessed. 

In Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a fantastic pumpkin patch on the weekends. Ruby spent a long weekend in Ohio with my parents and they spent their Saturday in Amish country. Lots of petting goats, picking pumpkins, and (of course) eating! Heck, even Home Depot and Trader Joe's have pallets of pumpkins (which is where we got our pumpkin from!). Happy Fall!

Lincoln Park Zoo | Jacket | Leggings | Shoes

Lincoln Park Zoo

Amish Country | Sweatshirt | Jeans | Shoes

Amish Country

Amish Country

Amish Country

Amish Country

Little Girl's Bedroom Rugs

Lately I have been obsessing over a rug for Ruby's bedroom. I have had a hard time coming up with an inspiration piece this time around. This will be Ruby's third nursery in her short 17 months of life, so maybe I am just out of ideas!

I debated about wallpapering her room but decided something so permanent for someone who will have LOTS of opinions of her own very soon was too risky. Her room will be painted in Benjamin Moore's Frostine. She has a large window looking out onto our deck and ivy covered brick wall, the bright white seems to highlight and bring the outdoors in.  

I digress, ok, in terms of inspiration I think the rug will be the focus of Ruby's bedroom. After hours and hours of rug browsing I have narrowed it down to my 5 favorites. They are completely different from one another so I just need to decide what colors and look I prefer.

Do you have a favorite?



I am crazy about end of season sales. I buy so many of my clothes for the following year at these types of sales. I am not an instant gratification shopper, but a good deal shopper. I'm not claiming to not splurge here and there, but those splurges are doable because I save on most other items throughout the year.

Ruby's wardrobe is no different! I bought most of the clothes she wore this summer last year at the end of summer sales. I now know how each brand fits her and can make an educated guess as to the sizes she will be wearing next year (although thinking about 2T's is killing me, when did she get so old?). Stores have started marking down so keep your eyes peeled over the next few months for steals! 

Here are a few of my current sale favorites! I added boy options in as well, because obviously there are baby boys in the world and it's fun to shop for something other than little girl's clothes! Although, I have to agree with most of you boy mom's - boys definitely don't have the clothing options that the girls have!

OLD NAVY - Additional 35% off your order taken at check out

GAP  - Additional 40% off your purchase with code "MORE"

JANIE and JACK - Free shipping on orders over $100

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.29.15 AM.png

TARGET - Free Shipping on all orders over $25 or free shipping on anything if you have the Red                      Card.


My apologies for the mini blog hiatus. We have been BUSY! Life with a 15 month old is no joke, this girl does not stop moving, she is curious, she is observant, she is smart, and we are loving every single second! Her favorite pastime is emptying cabinets as fast as possible. Who knew saran wrap and tampons made such great toys?

Although Ruby takes up most of our time, Phil and I managed to escape to Nashville this past weekend for a wedding thanks to grandpa and grandma. A friend of Phil's from college married his long time girlfriend (who I adore!) at a gorgeous barn outside the city. If it looks like we are glowing in this photo, don't worry it isn't a new foundation, it's sweat. It was a hot hot day, but better sun than rain!

On top of travel and Ruby we have also decided that it is time to buy a house! I can't believe I just typed that, it feels so adult, and way too real. Phil and I are both nomads at heart and that fact that we like somewhere enough to BUY is mind blowing. Chicago (specifically Lincoln Park) has so much to offer and we honestly can't see ourselves picking up and moving to another city (at least right now ha!). Buying a house is stressful, especially in a market where home prices are high and the good ones are only available for a couple of days. So if you think about us, send us your prayers and well wishes that this process goes smoothly and that we find a house perfect for our family!

I'll leave you with photo of Ruby. We had just returned from a showing and she is clearly already exhausted by the house hunting process. Lord help us.