I am a huge fan of trying and experimenting new things. Each month I am either raving or ragging on new products that I have given a go and thought why not share my favorites on the blog. Some months I test out more than others but April proved to be a month of quite a few great finds! 

1. Complexion Sponge - Obsessed! Beauty bloggers everywhere rave about these little miracle sponges and I am now a believer! I had to throw my trusty complexion sponge (that I had purchased from T.J. maxx) away recently because I had a super fun eye infection and the doctor recommended I trash any and all eye products. I grabbed this duo from Ulta and I am hooked, it perfectly applies and blends my foundation and concealer without soaking up a ton of product. No more bargain sponges for me!

2. Wood Heel Sandal - The world's most comfortable platform sandal, no joke. I loved the look of these sandals but feared they wouldn't be practical for work and my everyday life. Oh my goodness, these shoes are little cushions from heaven for your feet. LOVE them.

3. Beachwaver - I got this curling iron for Christmas but have just recently ramped up its use. I'm not going to lie it took me a little while to get the hang of it, but now we are in total sync. With the push of a button this curling iron does the "curling" and "un-curling" motions for you, and leaves your with the prettiest waves in your hair. Check out this video to see what I mean.

4. Lipstick - My definite new drugstore FAVORITE lipstick. Maybelline creamy matte lipsticks have the BEST consistency. They go on super creamy and literally last ALL DAY. No joke, I have to use a make-up wipe at night to get this lipstick off. I have mine in the color Faint for Fuchsia and love it for days when I just feel like putting on a little concealer and mascara but still want a look that pops. I will definitely be adding more of this formula to my collection. 

5. iPhone 6S case - I FINALLY got a new phone this month. My iPhone had been maxed out on memory for months and was having serious functionality problems. I finally made it to Apple and left with the rose gold 6S and I love it! I wanted a case that was just as chic as the phone and stumbled on this adorable rose gold fleck case. It fits like a glove, protects the phone, and gets lots of compliments!

6. Jacquard Dress - I ordered this dress online hoping I would like it as much in person as I did online - I like even BETTER! It's such a great material, one that won't wrinkle, and will be great to travel. It's comfortable, loose fitting, and looks great with my lace up nude flats and white sneakers.



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A white sneaker, sounds simple right? It is. It is next to impossible to get this trendy look wrong. There are so many great (and affordable) white sneaker options that you don't have to go far to find one. I am seeing them everywhere, and for a good reason. This shoe honestly pairs with everything. I've posted a few outfit inspirations below that prove a classic white sneaker is the perfect accessory no matter the outfit. 

White sneakers look great with ankle length (or cuffed) denim, a casual dress, and if paired with joggers you have achieved both a trendy and incredibly comfortable look (Woo hoo!). This trend has no style or age limit - you NEED a white sneaker in your closet.

How perfect are these looks for travel, a day walking around the city, or an afternoon spent shopping. Their potential is endless. I'm sold!

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If you welcomed Spring like I did, in bed with the never ending flu, I'm sorry. If you welcomed Spring like I had hoped to, by sipping a sparkling cocktail on a roof deck, I'm jealous.  Either way, Spring is OFFICIALLY here. Round of applause. Don't let the door hit you (and that horrific flu bug) on the way out Winter!

As sleeve lengths begin to rise there is no better time to invest in fun wrist wear that will carry you through the warmer seasons. Here are a few watches I am lusting over at the moment. 

I saw this watch at Nordstrom and all but died! GORGEOUS.

This watch screams Spring with its crisply braided band and pastel pink face. (ONLY $18.00!) 

LOVING this tonal floral watch - subtle yet so perfect for Spring!

Let's be honest...nothing says "Warm Weather Ahead" like this sunny watch!

(It's a good mood booster too)



I (delightedly) married into a boat loving family, but honestly who doesn't love boats? Fun fact - Phil and I met for the first time out on his boat in California, so no one was surprised when Ruby took her first spin around the lake at 8 weeks old. We spent this past weekend with Phil's family and we were out on the water a good portion of our Saturday. Ruby hated her life jacket, loved the wind blowing in her face, devoured hummus, and took her hat off at least 100 times. 

Boating is such a great family activity and one that's perfect for all ages. If you're planning on heading out on the water with your little one this spring here are a few key items to bring along for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Sun Hat - Sun in your eyes is no fun, especially for a baby. Be sure to grab a sun hat with protection, this one offers UPF 50+ to keep those rays at bay.

Cover Up - After a quick dip in the water a lightweight cover up offers the perfect shield from the sun and will calm those chattering teeth from the breezy air. 

Sunscreen - If your little one is 6 months or older you have the green light to lather them up with sunscreen. If your baby is under 6 months old skip the sunscreen and take extra care to keep them out of direct sunlight. Mustela is great brand for babies with sensitive skin.

Life Vest - Obviously the most important item to have when you are out on the water with a baby is a life jacket. Knowing your baby will be safe in case of an emergency gives everyone peace of mind. This one is perfect for little ones who are under 30 pounds.

Swim Diaper - What a wonderful invention. These diapers keep messes under wraps without the bulging and sagging that you would get from a wet standard diaper.

Water - Even the babies need to hydrate! Ruby didn't have water before 6 months but she has quickly become a sippy cup pro. If you haven't yet reached the water milestone, breastmilk/formula will provide all the hydration your water baby needs. Bottoms up!




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As warm weather days slowly begin to interject themselves more frequently it is refreshing to daydream about springtime (I got a little overzealous this weekend and put out all of our patio furniture - it's supposed to snow tomorrow. UGH). Handbags are a great transition piece between seasons. They can add a pop of color or fun print to an otherwise muted ensemble giving it the energetic boost it needs. 

Totes and backpacks are great for moms on the go, they perform like a diaper bag without crushing your style goals. Yes, please! An envelope bag is ideal for daytime fun with friends, it's small yet practical and can pack a punch when done in a bright color. Black and white will never be overdone. Its classic style pairs perfectly with any look - go for it in a crossbody style and you just found your go to handbag. A printed satchel is the trendsetter's dream. You can splurge on the real deal or opt for faux, either way a statement leopard bag will keep every ensemble looking fresh and new. 

The coral tote will soon make its way into my coset. The diaper bag and I have had a wonderful nine months together but I am taking back the fashion reins - bring it on!