I (delightedly) married into a boat loving family, but honestly who doesn't love boats? Fun fact - Phil and I met for the first time out on his boat in California, so no one was surprised when Ruby took her first spin around the lake at 8 weeks old. We spent this past weekend with Phil's family and we were out on the water a good portion of our Saturday. Ruby hated her life jacket, loved the wind blowing in her face, devoured hummus, and took her hat off at least 100 times. 

Boating is such a great family activity and one that's perfect for all ages. If you're planning on heading out on the water with your little one this spring here are a few key items to bring along for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Sun Hat - Sun in your eyes is no fun, especially for a baby. Be sure to grab a sun hat with protection, this one offers UPF 50+ to keep those rays at bay.

Cover Up - After a quick dip in the water a lightweight cover up offers the perfect shield from the sun and will calm those chattering teeth from the breezy air. 

Sunscreen - If your little one is 6 months or older you have the green light to lather them up with sunscreen. If your baby is under 6 months old skip the sunscreen and take extra care to keep them out of direct sunlight. Mustela is great brand for babies with sensitive skin.

Life Vest - Obviously the most important item to have when you are out on the water with a baby is a life jacket. Knowing your baby will be safe in case of an emergency gives everyone peace of mind. This one is perfect for little ones who are under 30 pounds.

Swim Diaper - What a wonderful invention. These diapers keep messes under wraps without the bulging and sagging that you would get from a wet standard diaper.

Water - Even the babies need to hydrate! Ruby didn't have water before 6 months but she has quickly become a sippy cup pro. If you haven't yet reached the water milestone, breastmilk/formula will provide all the hydration your water baby needs. Bottoms up!




Last Friday evening Ruby had her first swimming lesson and boy did she (we) have fun. Phil finished up work while I packed her bag full of swim diapers, her swimsuit and puffs - in case of a mid-swim meltdown, and headed for the pool. We found a great swim club right around the corner from us and are loving it so far.

Ruby was one of two students in her class, the other was a little boy who happened to be the exact same age as Ruby. His name was Dylan and he had hair that rivaled Elvis'. Adorable. They both were in great spirits and had fun singing songs, laying on their bellies, kicking their feet, and splashing. 

Phil was a champ and volunteered to get in the water with Ruby (I was convinced the pool would be 68 degrees) while I ran from side to side snapping photos! Embarrassing. Thirty minutes later and class was over. We dried off, warmed up and headed home to bed.

Check out some of my FAVORITE swimsuits for wee ones! (If I had twins - those Mud Pie swimsuits - OMG!)





One Piece Swimsuits

One Piece Swimsuits

Temperatures are lingering around the high 40's and low 50's in Boston, which can only mean one thing, swimsuit season! Well almost, it is only a matter of time before my weekends are spent lying on the beaches of Duxbury and playing paddle ball on the Cape. Such activities require swimwear and like everything else in my wardrobe I prefer to stand out from the crowd in a trendy suit unique from other beach goers. One Piece Swimsuits for Every Woman

One piece swimsuits are no longer reserved for women in their 60's or those who see themselves as overweight. One pieces have taken a chic turn and are now drawing the attention of every woman. While one pieces are more modest and often more comfortable than a bikini their style has not been sacrificed, but improved.

Stylish One Piece Swimsuits

This black strapless one piece from H&M is one of my favorites. Its classic color and shape are flattering while the cutouts around the midsection add to the sexiness. My personal favorite of the group is this cream colored strapless Zeki one piece with taupe criss crossed straps. This swimsuit has enough class and sass to make any woman smile as she struts on the beach. For a fun flirty look try a suit like this MARC by Marc Jacobs peplum one piece. If you are looking to grab the attention of other sunbathers invest in this Sabz one piece. The black and white color block detail instantly slims and the gold fringe adds texture and volume for women with smaller chests.

Is this a trend you will try this season? If so, what one piece swimsuit is your favorite?

One Piece Swimsuits
One Piece Swimsuits
One Piece Swimsuits
One Piece Swimsuits