I have NEVER had my own dining room. Heck, in two out of my four apartments I didn't even have a designated bedroom! Our soon to be house has bedrooms AND a dining room, can you even believe it?! Of all the rooms in this house the dining room is my favorite. It is the room you walk into when you enter the home and it has the sweetest little fireplace on the left hand wall. It't our first impressions room, so it's gotta be good! 

I have been dreaming up this room since I saw it, it is begging for a little life to be added. Our overall color scheme of the house will be grey, white, navy and brass, with obvious accents of wood and greenery. I'm planning on a navy accent wall in the living room, which is adjacent to the dining room, so the tones will play off each other nicely.

We will wallpaper the left wall of the dining room in the below grey and white wallpaper and add a rich beam mantle to the fireplace for depth and texture. The white entry table (which is actually a dresser) will be located by the front door to hold keys, wallets, gloves, etc. Above the table you will find a round brass mirror and blue marbled lamp. The dining table will sit in the center of the room with its four grey chairs, flanked by two navy armchairs. The gold etagere will sit on the wall opposite the front door where my white serving pieces will be displayed. Unfortunately, the ceilings are not high enough for a traditional chandelier but my love for this flush mount brass fixture runs DEEP! With the addition of brass candlesticks, greenery, and maybe a wire basket of birch logs this room should feel complete. 

Don't look for reveal photos any time soon. We have walls to knock down, doors to replace, and closets to build before any of the "pretty" happens. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!


Our offer was accepted! After a bit of back and forth, we came to an agreement with the seller and our offer was officially accepted. We were (and still are) THRILLED! Phil and I both fell in love with this little home as soon as we stepped inside. We know there are still quite a few hoops to jump through but so far everything is progressing smoothly. We have our inspection on Thursday morning and we are both looking forward to that, if only for the chance to go back inside the house! We miss it. We are cautiously optimistic while at the same time being over the moon excited. 

Below are a few pictures (courtesy of Redfin) of our hopeful soon to be home! I about died over the outdoor space, it reminds me of a French garden. Ah, that ivy! Swoon. 


With all of this house talk I have a hard time keeping my creative mind quiet.  One of the many perks of owning your own home is the ability to personalize it, and make it your own. Since I have been renting for the last 10 years (how is that even possible?!) I am so looking forward to dreaming up more permanent designs. 

I know that so many of you will have horror stories to tell about hideous wallpaper from the 70's that you painstakingly removed sliver by sliver for weeks. But let me enjoy the idea of living in a home where EVERY room isn't painted the same awful eggshell white. Gag.

I don't plan on going wallpaper crazy but the Botanic Wallpaper in Prussian Blue Design has been a bathroom dream of mine for years! The classic Nuvole in Grey or Calista Grey Modern Rose Wallpaper would make a gorgeous accent wall in a dining room. My love for this Watercolor Flora Wallpaper remains true and I would love to completely cover Ruby's bedroom walls in this magical print. 

If all goes according to plan (fingers crossed and prayers sent up) then we should be hearing back shortly about an offer we submitted on a house yesterday! Stay tuned.


My apologies for the mini blog hiatus. We have been BUSY! Life with a 15 month old is no joke, this girl does not stop moving, she is curious, she is observant, she is smart, and we are loving every single second! Her favorite pastime is emptying cabinets as fast as possible. Who knew saran wrap and tampons made such great toys?

Although Ruby takes up most of our time, Phil and I managed to escape to Nashville this past weekend for a wedding thanks to grandpa and grandma. A friend of Phil's from college married his long time girlfriend (who I adore!) at a gorgeous barn outside the city. If it looks like we are glowing in this photo, don't worry it isn't a new foundation, it's sweat. It was a hot hot day, but better sun than rain!

On top of travel and Ruby we have also decided that it is time to buy a house! I can't believe I just typed that, it feels so adult, and way too real. Phil and I are both nomads at heart and that fact that we like somewhere enough to BUY is mind blowing. Chicago (specifically Lincoln Park) has so much to offer and we honestly can't see ourselves picking up and moving to another city (at least right now ha!). Buying a house is stressful, especially in a market where home prices are high and the good ones are only available for a couple of days. So if you think about us, send us your prayers and well wishes that this process goes smoothly and that we find a house perfect for our family!

I'll leave you with photo of Ruby. We had just returned from a showing and she is clearly already exhausted by the house hunting process. Lord help us. 


I was scrolling through Instagram a week or so ago and literally gasped out loud as the image of this STUNNING bathroom slid across my screen. It is perfection, and I am in love. 

Now, all I need is a house, (as opposed to a rented apartment) that has a bathroom in need of a redo and I would be set. Until then I will document my love for this little bathroom on my blog so that when the day comes for a bathroom reno I am READY! I love the drama of the black walls against the crispness of the white countertops and brass fixtures. Delicious.


If you are lucky enough to be in the market for a new bathroom, hopefully this is just the inspiration you needed.

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Photo courtesy of Studio McGee