I’m Lindsey, the face behind Trendbetter. This is my outlet, celebrating style and giving every woman the know how and the confidence to look and feel her best. Fashion has always been a part of my life.  I was born and raised in a style deprived city (technically it’s a village) in Northeast Ohio and as the mother of three daughters my mom was on a mission to keep us out of camouflage and in ruffles! The hair bows, tights, lacy panties and patent Mary Jane’s consumed our closets.

Looking back I can understand where my mom’s frills obsession came from, my grandma. She was my queen of glamour with wardrobes full of furs, diamonds galore, and a pair of stilettos to accompany every handbag. The best part, it was never off limits for my little shoulders to wear, my little neck to be draped in or my little feet to clunk around in. Her stockpile was luxurious.

As I grew older my heart was set on doing something professionally that I loved personally. After college I was ecstatic to land a job at the Los Angeles headquarters of BCBG MAXAZRIA GROUP stemming off of a summer internship. I packed my suitcases and left everything I knew for a city where I did not know a soul.

After being surrounded by the highest of fashion for two years in LA I followed my heart to Boston where I now live with the love of my life, my 5 pound rescue chihuahua Vivienne.

I am still that girl, the one pairing fur with every outfit possible, gushing at each page of the Tiffany catalogue and drooling over this season’s greatest heels.

I want to take this love and share it with anyone who will listen. Sharing what I know, what I have learned and what I am learning with women who are overwhelmed by this thing called fashion but interested in knowing more.

Fashion is my thing, it always has been and it always will be.