I am a huge fan of trying and experimenting new things. Each month I am either raving or ragging on new products that I have given a go and thought why not share my favorites on the blog. Some months I test out more than others but April proved to be a month of quite a few great finds! 

1. Complexion Sponge - Obsessed! Beauty bloggers everywhere rave about these little miracle sponges and I am now a believer! I had to throw my trusty complexion sponge (that I had purchased from T.J. maxx) away recently because I had a super fun eye infection and the doctor recommended I trash any and all eye products. I grabbed this duo from Ulta and I am hooked, it perfectly applies and blends my foundation and concealer without soaking up a ton of product. No more bargain sponges for me!

2. Wood Heel Sandal - The world's most comfortable platform sandal, no joke. I loved the look of these sandals but feared they wouldn't be practical for work and my everyday life. Oh my goodness, these shoes are little cushions from heaven for your feet. LOVE them.

3. Beachwaver - I got this curling iron for Christmas but have just recently ramped up its use. I'm not going to lie it took me a little while to get the hang of it, but now we are in total sync. With the push of a button this curling iron does the "curling" and "un-curling" motions for you, and leaves your with the prettiest waves in your hair. Check out this video to see what I mean.

4. Lipstick - My definite new drugstore FAVORITE lipstick. Maybelline creamy matte lipsticks have the BEST consistency. They go on super creamy and literally last ALL DAY. No joke, I have to use a make-up wipe at night to get this lipstick off. I have mine in the color Faint for Fuchsia and love it for days when I just feel like putting on a little concealer and mascara but still want a look that pops. I will definitely be adding more of this formula to my collection. 

5. iPhone 6S case - I FINALLY got a new phone this month. My iPhone had been maxed out on memory for months and was having serious functionality problems. I finally made it to Apple and left with the rose gold 6S and I love it! I wanted a case that was just as chic as the phone and stumbled on this adorable rose gold fleck case. It fits like a glove, protects the phone, and gets lots of compliments!

6. Jacquard Dress - I ordered this dress online hoping I would like it as much in person as I did online - I like even BETTER! It's such a great material, one that won't wrinkle, and will be great to travel. It's comfortable, loose fitting, and looks great with my lace up nude flats and white sneakers.