Are Your Jeans Too Tight?

Are Your Jeans Too Tight

Lately there has been a 2 sizes too small jean epidemic sweeping the nation's fashion elite. Ladies it is time we understand when a jean fits and when a jean (no matter its incredible price) stays on the rack. Jeans are not tricky and are not out to get any one of us, they do their best to make it clear if they are right for you! There are only two basic things to keep in mind while perusing the denim aisle to keep this overly snug fashion blunder from happening to you.

  1. Beware of the PULL - When jeans are too snug you will not only feel but more importantly see the fabric pulling and bunching. Look out for this right under each butt cheek and at the backs of your knees. If you see the denim creasing and bunching in these two places try a size up. If the next size is too big in the waist the cut and style of that particular jean is not right for you. The search continues!
  2. Conceal Love Handles - Women often wear jeans far too low for their age and body type exposing their not so flattering "love handles." It is important to keep in mind that the size of your jean is not the end of the world! At the end of the day you are the only one who knows what number is inked onto that tag. Don't sacrifice a smaller number for fit and overall look of a jean. A denim that conceals and flatters your imperfections is far more important than a number no one knows (or cares) about! So yank those jeans up and keep those pesky things at bay.

See, I told you, simple! Keep these rules in mind the next time you're out jean shopping. Keep an eye out for those who haven't read this post and need the advice, their mistakes will encourage you to take a second look the next time you are facing the mirror in the dressing room.

*All jeans pictured above can be found at Forever 21