I am crazy about end of season sales. I buy so many of my clothes for the following year at these types of sales. I am not an instant gratification shopper, but a good deal shopper. I'm not claiming to not splurge here and there, but those splurges are doable because I save on most other items throughout the year.

Ruby's wardrobe is no different! I bought most of the clothes she wore this summer last year at the end of summer sales. I now know how each brand fits her and can make an educated guess as to the sizes she will be wearing next year (although thinking about 2T's is killing me, when did she get so old?). Stores have started marking down so keep your eyes peeled over the next few months for steals! 

Here are a few of my current sale favorites! I added boy options in as well, because obviously there are baby boys in the world and it's fun to shop for something other than little girl's clothes! Although, I have to agree with most of you boy mom's - boys definitely don't have the clothing options that the girls have!

OLD NAVY - Additional 35% off your order taken at check out

GAP  - Additional 40% off your purchase with code "MORE"

JANIE and JACK - Free shipping on orders over $100

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TARGET - Free Shipping on all orders over $25 or free shipping on anything if you have the Red                      Card.