Blizzard Essentials

Blizzard Essentials

As many of you know the Northeast is awaiting the arrival of a hellacious snowstorm.  Boston is preparing for prolonged power outages and approximately 24 inches of snow over the next 48 hours. As the snow falls pictures are flashing of empty grocery shelves, lines at ATM’s and cars waiting for their turn at gas. This treacherous storm has affectionately been named, “Nemo” as in the little fish with a gimp fin, which I find to be quite ironic. I headed out this morning for a last minute CVS trip and made sure to grab my gloves, earmuffs and scarf before heading out the door! I consider these 3 pieces to be my “blizzard essentials.” My puffy fur earmuffs are from Express, velvet leopard gloves are by Cejon and the ice blue scarf was a steal this winter at H&M. You will not find me braving any sort of snowstorm without these items; they somehow make the sub zero temperatures bearable!

As I sit here watching the snow whip horizontally by (due to the already angry winds) I cant help but be grateful for a warm (for now) apartment, stocked cabinets and lots of cozy blankets. Please keep in mind those who are less fortunate and will be forced to tough the storm out in far worse conditions than myself.

Happy Snow Day!


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