Bridal party options have come A LONG WAY even in the two years since I have been married. 

Bridesmaids and groomsmen and typically forced to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that the bride "swears you'll wear again," or a tux rental that is so baggy you could pile all of the groomsmen into one ill fitting pant leg. But, they do it and don't complain (at least to your face) because they love you. With companies such as Vow to Be Chic and The Black Tux starting to pop up, these problems will hopefully become a thing of that past.

Vow to Be Chic allows Brides to shop thousands of bridesmaid dress rentals, pick her favorite, send invitations to her bridesmaids to rent the dress she has chosen for them, and track who has placed their order (good idea, since there is always a straggler). Simple! Dress prices start at $50 and go from there, the options are truly limitless (and stylish!) with this rental service. 

The Black Tux is the fashionable younger brother of  Men's Warehouse. Gone are the days of twenty somethings coming down the aisle looking like they dusted off the suit hanging in the back of their dad's closet. The Black Tux offers complete outfit rentals or individual pieces, depending on your needs. Bonus - their prices rival or beat typical tuxedo rental shops. Modern, slim fit suits and tuxedos guarantee a happier bridal party and fabulous photos.