Budget Buy Day

Fur Vest

A few weeks ago post bang trim I was perusing the store fronts of Newbury Street, Boston's equivalent to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Living only two blocks from this shopper's paradise has proven to be a both a blessing and a curse. Newbury Street has everything I could ever need, from CVS to Chanel, but sometimes I get my "needs" confused with my "wants" causing a bank account blunder. I walked past an adorable boutique called Bobbles & Lace with the most fabulous accessories lining the windows. I have been on the hunt for "guest of the wedding" dresses and have been terribly unhappy with the what's out there so I was hoping to be inspired by the more sparkly, glitzy side of an outfit, the accessories. As I was sweeping over the accessories table my attention was drawn to a gorgeous three-toned fur vest.

I have already spent hours watching runway shows in anticipation of this fall's trends and let me tell you, fur is everywhere! Not just basic fur either, the more color, the more texture, the better! I saw this vest, put it on over my tee and knew I had to have it. As I was admiring myself in the mirror, the sales associate casually mentioned that it was 50% off. Oh yeah, the price! I glanced at the tag and saw that it was priced at a reasonable $65.00 but reducing that to $32.50 made it that much more lust worthy (thank goodness for no sales tax in Boston)! I have worn this Mustard Seed vest twice now and what a statement piece it is, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Budget Tip: Be in the know about what is on trend for next season - that way you can score fantastic deals as stores make space for current season items! 

Fur Vest



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