Budget Buy Day

Sequin Shorts

I will admit, I am not the biggest fan of high end, high priced department stores but when it is sale season I can think of almost any excuse to scour the racks of insanely discounted pieces. Lord & Taylor is a storefront I pass on an almost daily basis and have no problem walking by when I think of the money I would lose as soon as I step foot in the door, my self control is at an all time low. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and the CLEARANCE signs adorning the windows a few weeks back caught my attention for all of the right reasons. I put my head down, bee lined straight for the women's department and looked for red sale signs as to not be distracted by the just in, full price spring pieces. My strategy worked and within 15 minutes my arms were draped in fabulously priced fabrics.

My instant favorites were a pair of Ark & Co. black and white sequined shorts that I spotted on the "Additional 50% Off" rack. I headed to the dressing room and was pleased when these were the only things that fit and flattered my body. They were originally marked $58.00 and were on sale for $42.99 (which isn't that great). With the additional 50% off they turned out to be $21.50 a price I was thrilled to pay for such a killer pair of shorts.

When I got to the register the sweet elderly lady at the register confessed her desire to wear such a pair of shorts and smiled as I told her to "go for it." I felt like we had hit it off and casually mentioned that I had a coupon that I had forgot to bring with me, when in all reality I didn't have a coupon and had no idea if they had any additional sales at the moment, but who cares, why not ask? She smiled, told me not to worry about it and pulled a 25% off coupon from the bottom shelf of the cash wrap. My heart leaped with joy as the final price of the sequin shorts ended up being around $16.00. What a steal! I thanked her and walked away happy as a clam. Quite the successful high end, high priced department store find.


Black & White Sequin Shorts


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