If there is any trend you are going to be seeing this spring and summer - it's this one. The "cold shoulder" (also referred to as the "open shoulder"). Designers are coming out with countless options that highlight our shoulders. Dresses, shirts, tanks, rompers, you name it, it's been done! Making this a super attainable trend to try, you could't hide from it if you tried!

This trend has caught on like wildfire because opposed to its sister - the crop top - this trend is easy to wear and even easier to pull off. The problem with crop tops is that more woman than not are self conscious of their middle region. Of anywhere on the body, that is typically people's least favorite feature! Shoulders on the other hand don't have nearly as bad of a rap. Allowing this trend to catch and spread like wildfire. So why not jump on the bandwagon!?

I personally own this dress and this pair of sandals and you better believe I plan on living in this outfit all summer (if summer ever arrives). The open should takes a simple black dress from basic to chic with no effort on my part, which is great because I don't have a lot of time for "effort" these days. I can imagine myself wearing this on a Saturday date night downtown, a Wednesday day shift at work, or a Sunday morning at church. If something is this versatile, it belongs in my closet.

I am literally obsessed with this entire look from Anthopolgie. I came across this photo as I was browsing through their most recent catalog and gave Phil a not so subtle hint that this shirt would make the PERFECT Mother's Day gift (he tried HARD to track it down but it is sold out in my size everywhere - Luckily I snagged a similar top this weekend, and LOVE it). I love the playfulness of the open shoulder paired with the classic silk. The combination works so well together, and I can think of about 100 different occasions I could wear this outfit. Perfection.

To take the cold shoulder a little more boho I turned to none other than Free People. They do boho chic better than anyone and the top below is no exception. Its feminine ruffles would perfectly balance a distressed boyfriend jean short. Add a neutral espadrille sandal and your done! Again, there isn't anywhere I wouldn't/couldn't wear this look (meaning I'm pretty sure I need to own it). 

Shirt | Shorts | Sandal

I hope you love this trend as much as I do! Go for it, see what you think! It doesn't cost you anything to try.