Cropped Jackets

Spring Blazers

You’re probably noticing that the title of this blog post does not coincide with the images for this blog post - that ladies is because cropped jackets are a big fat DON’T. Today’s post is more of a guide to “what to wear instead” of the cropped jacket, hence the gorgeous images of bright, hip bone length blazers. Why a Cropped Jacket is a NO

Cropped jackets are a very tough look to pull off once you have left your twenties and even then they can be horribly unflattering on certain body types. A cropped jacket hits most women right at the bottom of their rib cage emphasizing tummies and love handles. A woman's mid section tends to be the hardest when it comes to toning and trimming and all a cropped jacket is going to do is emphasize this not so flattering area.

What to Wear Instead

Jackets that hit the top of your hip bone or a little lower are far more flattering than one that hits your natural waistline. The additional length of a traditional jacket like this Zara blazer elongates your torso and hides any problem areas. Look for jackets with great lines like this two-tone blazer from Banana Republic; the pleating and darts make you look instantly slimmer. Another great way to camouflage insecurities is to go for a jacket like this bright, floral blazer from LOFT. Its bold print and color draw all of the attention allowing you to enter a room with confidence. If a printed blazer is outside of your comfort zone go for a solid color like this pink H&M jacket that again hits below the natural waistline.

Knowing how to dress your body type takes a lot of work and practice but this simple idea is pretty universal. If you are a victim of cropped jackets try trading them out for a blazer that hits right at your hipbone and wait for the compliments to start pouring in.


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