Since moving to Chicago in November we have yet to outfit or enjoy our outdoor space. This is our first apartment that has a private deck (it overlooks an adorable courtyard that rivals the French countryside) and it was a huge selling point.  With this week's temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's we can't wait to get started decorating so we can enjoy this fantastic extension of our home.

My parents graciously gifted us the below patio 4-piece furniture set. They recently downsized and no longer had a need for it. We love the set, it is the perfect size for our space and it's neutral colors allow us to make it our own.

| Patio Furniture Set |

I am going back and forth on colors and accessories for the deck and need your opinions. Blue is my current favorite accent color, it is found all around our home and is the accent in both design ideas. Should I stay classic with the black and ivory or go bright with the green and gold?

Which one is your favorite?

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