Dresses With Leggings

Dresses With Leggings

First and foremost I highly advise against anyone pairing dresses with leggings! As the weather begins to transition from unbearably cold to relatively brisk our desires to unearth our beloved summer wardrobe cannot be stopped. Often times wishful thinking gets in the way of practicality during this temperature transition resulting in a fashion fail! Tights With Dresses

Pairing leggings with summer dresses is unfortunately a quite common fashion offender.  As spring approaches try pairing this mid length canary yellow skirt from Asos with a black close toed bootie for the combination of spring and winter.  Another option is to rock your beloved mini skirt with dark tights. Tights provide the same amount of coverage and warmth as leggings but with triple the glamour.

Keep Your Hemline In Mind

If leggings are something you deem necessary due to the length of a particular skirt or dress than that piece is more than likely inappropriate anyway. If you are uncomfortable wearing a mini dress without a thick legging it is best to replace it with a more wearable length piece like this knee length trumpet hem dress. Find a length that is right for your age group and one that you feel comfortable in. Nothing speaks louder than a confidently dressed woman so be sure to chooses pieces that are right for you!

As spring temperatures round the corner don’t let your excitement take over your fashion sense!


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