Dressing Comfy Without Looking Frumpy

Gap Boyfriend Jean

The key to getting dressed in the morning when you know you have a full day ahead is to keep it simple. You have more than likely been suffocating in your work clothes all week and are looking to keep your look relaxed and versatile. To start off, I suggest a boyfriend jean like the one here from the Gap. This jean provides a looser fit that allows for more movement and less suffocation. By adding a little cuff at the bottom you have added shape and given yourself instant flair.

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Next head to your closest for a fitted top. You want to stay away from anything too blousy or oversized when pairing it with a looser fitting jean to keep your shape and prevent yourself from looking dumpy. This pima cotton sweater from Nordstrom works perfectly. It is fitted throughout and the polka dots provide visual interest that draw attention to the face.

To pull the outfit together all you need is a killer shoe. With a leopard flat like this one from Steve Madden the look is complete. Leopard takes any outfit from plain Jane to fabulous and with the cuff in your jean you will be able to show them off without even trying! With a watch and pair of studs you are ready to go, in literally two minutes and without question.

This concept is great for any age and any body type. Just remember to keep it simple, three pieces and you are ready to conquer your day in comfort and in style!