Embellished Long Sleeved T-Shirts

Long Sleeve Top

I am always on the hunt for a great everyday piece that has been embellished with an unexpected material or detail. My favorite is a spiced up long sleeve t-shirt! Long sleeve tees are full of functionality but provide little to no personality. They are beyond comfortable and can essentially be paired with any color/style of jean. However, your everyday long sleeved tee leaves much to be desired style wise. By keeping your eyes peeled for basic tees you will be sure to come across a few with fabulous embellishments and enough flare to stand on their own.

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These two long sleeved t-shirts from Zara have just enough glam to grab your attention while remaining versatile. The leather and zipper details make it simple to pair with a dark denim and flat and head out the door. Accessories can be kept to a minimal as the detailing of the shirt speaks for itself.

Another long sleeve tee option is the addition of the peter pan collar or jewel embellishments. Both of these tops are easy and on the go making your mission out the door effortless. The peter pan collar requires a basic stud earring while anything else would take away from design of the top. A striped beaded top works great by itself, the collar eliminates the need for a necklace and the beading on the front provides all of the sparkle necessary.

The addition of detailing and embellishment not only adds style to basic pieces it provides ease and comfort when time is not on your side!