Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion Sunglasses

As the sun begins to navigate its way through the frosty overlay of winter and the squally clouds of spring, sunglasses once again become an everyday necessity. I am a sunglass junkie and could stand in front of a mirror trying on different colors and styles for hours critiquing and praising each one. However, I never pull the trigger when it comes to making a purchase. I am weirdly loyal to one pair of shades at a time, wearing them until they have completely worn out. I recently vaulted my longtime favorite Ralph Lauren sunnies that I purchased while in college for $45.00. They survived five moves, multiple trips cross country and too many to count days at the beach. I was still in love with them but petrified that they would disintegrate while on my face and I would never see them again. Super weird, I know. I was forced to begin an actual sunglass hunt and was gifted a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana pair for my birthday. I am once again in love and don’t see myself cheating on them anytime soon!

This season look for sunglasses with a little bit of funk. Whether you prefer the metallic look, the Audrey Hepburn cat eye or classic white aviators, choose something that stands out from the crowd. The fact that my black and white obsession has been translated into different styles of sunglasses makes me over the moon excited! I may need to grab a pair for summer parties and rowdy beach days. Check out a few of my favorite fashion sunglasses below. What styles are you loving for this summer?

Ralph Lauren Fashion Sunglasses

Juicy Couture Fashion Sunglasses

Prada Fashion Sunglasses

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fashion Sunglasses

A.J. Morgan Fashion Sunglasses


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