Anyone who hasn't seen me in the last year, six months even, probably read the title of this post and thought, "but Lindsey doesn't even wear lipstick." Ohhhh what can change in a year! My youngest sister has officially corrupted me with the introduction of Youtube beauty vloggers and I am OBSESSED. They are so talented, so entertaining, and have inspired me to step up my make up game, which was basically non existent, so every improvement has been quite drastic. I am loving it! 

Since stumbling upon the incredible world of make up, lipsticks have become a fast favorite. A lipstick will undoubtedly enhance your entire look and with its fool proof application it's a perfect grab and go item when I am in a rush. This summer I have been reaching for the same shades over and over and can't quite seem to get enough of them - especially for summer!


My first lipstick purchase was a MAC lipstick and their formula is still my absolute favorite. It glides on with perfection and lasts hours before needing a touch up. The color "on hold" is a tried and true favorite, its raspberry hue is perfect for warmer weather, flatters my fair skin tone, and compliments each and every make up look. No matter the color, you cannot go wrong with a MAC lipstick. LOVE!


Raquel by Nars is my definite go-to nude lipstick. Its pinky beige coloring gives off nude vibes without making me look sick or lifeless. I was a never a nude lip color fan until I was introduced to "Raquel." This lipstick is perfect if your going for a sexy, sultry look.


I mentioned this lip color a few months back in a May Favorites post and I have continued to reach for this lipstick as much now as when I first purchased it. Matte lipsticks can be drying and flaky, but I have never had that problem with this drugstore brand. It goes on smoothly, feels creamy on the lips, and stays in place for HOURS! I often wear this lipstick to work because I know I won't need to reapply between every bridal appointment, which is essential!


This lip balm is great for super hot beach days! You can't go wrong with a moisturizing, vitamin infused, tinted lip product. It makes even your sweatiest, crazy haired days look glam. Thank you Covergirl!


I splurged on a Dior lipstick years ago and loved the moisturizing, creamy feel of their formula. Not to mention I felt like a million bucks reaching for my Dior lipstick when in realty I had $2.36 in my checking account. Fake it till you make it right? For that reason, I will always have a soft spot and place in my make up collection for Dior lipsticks. This pinky coral color is perfect for every look, every summer. I never get tired of its dewey freshness.

If you're interested check out a few of my absolute FAVORITE beauty YouTube vloggers!

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