Headbands - Yay Or Nay?

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"] Headbands have made their way back into the fashion mainstream thanks to teen obsessed shows like Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl star Blair Waldorf accessorizes with every headband imaginable and looks fabulous doing it. I have recently found myself asking, “Are headbands better left for teenage girls, maybe early twenties, or should they be cutoff at thirty?

Personally, I believe headbands best flatter the under thirty crowd. However, there are always exceptions. Hillary Clinton is well into her sixties and has been photographed numerous times sporting a headband. She keeps it classic and simple, which is why the look can work for her. (You noticed I said, “can” she doesn’t always pull it off.)

Women over thirty should steer clear of headbands adorned in wild prints, bows and sparkles. These outlandish additions can make you look like you have been trapped in a twenty-year time warp. Keep the headbands simple.

If you like the functionality that headbands provide but are unsure if they are for you, try something simpler, like the bobby pin. Bobby pins essentially do the same thing that headbands do but in a less obtrusive way. Try pinning your hair back away from your face on either side with just a few bobby pins. I love this look on Ashley Greene. Her pinned back look is polished, chic and age appropriate.

Always do what looks best on you but in order to avoid treading risky waters, leave the headbands at home and go for a sleeker more sophisticated look!