Transforming Holiday Sparkle Into Everyday Glam

Holiday Clutch

Chances are you walked away from this Holiday season with a few new sparkly closet additions. I love a great sparkle but spending money on an item you rock once a year is a hard sell. Take the clutch for instance. An embellished clutch is the perfect accessory to top off your New Year’s Eve look. It may have even gotten some use on your birthday when you paired it with that must have little black dress but other than that it sits quietly and lonely on the top shelf of your closet. With a few wardrobe ideas you can take that sparkle and incorporate it into your everyday attire.

A pop of sparkle and embellishment harmonize perfectly with any monochromatic outfit. Try pairing your favorite black skinnies, black cape and black booties with a gold  Studded Clutch for a perfectly polished day to night look. If bolder is better in your eyes try a red short/red blazer combination with a black hard shell Sparkle Clutch. This look will guarantee attention from those around you and its classic style feels almost effortless.

Embellished clutches are also the perfect accessory when a little femininity is desired.  Experiment by starting with an oversized piece, whether it be a boyfriend jean, loose sweater or extra long blazer. Pair that piece with your favorite jean and top of the look with the sparkle of a delicate clutch. The loose fitting, oversized clothing item is flawlessly balanced with the compact, glam characteristics of the clutch. Making them the perfect pair!

Why save sparkle for special occasions, we all need a little glam in our everyday lives.


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