HOLY BLOG HIATUS! We closed on our house, went camping in St. Louis over Labor Day weekend, hosted my sister and her boyfriend in Chicago before she deploys again for South Korea, and bought a new laptop charger (ours corroded thanks to a chewer named Ruby, and we were without a laptop for a couple weeks), all while simultaneously working on the house. But, I'm back!  

I just hung up with the moving company and we are officially moving next Wednesday. A week from today, oyyy! We have lots of packing and organizing to do but the excitement is building.

Since gaining possession of our house we have spent quite a bit of time there making changes that are necessary before move in. Thankfully, I have the worlds BEST dad, who also happens to be incredibly handy, and knows how to make exactly what's in my head come to life. He spent a weekend in Chicago removing walls, relocating outlets, and framing for us. Did I mention how great he is? After his portion was complete we reached out to Andy at Windy City Painters who completed our drywall and painting (don't worry, wallpaper will also be joining the party soon) portion of the project. If you're in the Chicago area I HIGHLY recommend this company, they are fantastic all around. We have ordered Ruby's bedroom and closet doors but unfortunately they will not be arriving until early October (post move in) so the trim/door painting and install will have to wait. So stay tuned! 

Here is what we have accomplished so far. I may be biased but I'm LOVING it!

This is a before picture looking from the master bedroom into what was considered a den. We needed 3 bedrooms, so we converted the den to what will soon be Ruby's bedroom. We removed the french doors (as pretty as they were) and closed in this area making the master bedroom inaccessible from Ruby's bedroom. 

This is a before photo of the entrance from the kitchen into the den (what will be Ruby's bedroom). This odd tri-fold was removed and framed in for a normal size door. 

Demo Day! 

We made many a trip to Home Depot that weekend.

We made many a trip to Home Depot that weekend.

Walls are going up and walls are coming down!

What was the master bedroom closet (I know SO small) was reconfigured to be the new closet in Ruby's bedroom. 

There's a wall between the master bedroom and Ruby's bedroom now! Woo hoo!

The current deck railing wasn't to code and I was a nervous wreck every time Ruby was outside. 

In the process of being rebuilt so that no babies or chihuahuas will fall through the railings!

The master bedroom is framed and drywalled! My dad's company is building us custom closets that will go along the new back wall. They should be arriving sometime in November and I CANNOT wait. 

Ruby's freshly drywalled closet. 

What once housed the odd tri-fold door is now framed and drywalled for a standard size door.

I never knew replacing french doors with a wall would make me so happy but this layout works so much better for our family. 

We painted the entire house Frostine by Benjamin Moore, white is so bright and fresh to me and we are loving the results.

To switch it up we decided to go with a navy (Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore) accent wall in the living room. It adds the perfect amount of depth and drama.