How to Cuff Your Pants

How to Cuff Your Pants

If your cuffed pants are getting awkward stares and not so subtle chuckles then there is a chance you may be doing it wrong. Since the cuffing trend has taken off getting the look right is even more important. Cuffs find themselves walking a fine line between, “older women who doesn’t want to pay to have her pants hemmed” and “style maven.” Perfecting the cuff gives your wardrobe a whole new voice and has the power to completely change a look if done correctly. How to Cuff your Jeans

  1. Not all styles of pants should be cuffed - Any jean with a flared leg should be left as is, whereas skinny’s, straight legs, and boot cuts can be stylishly cuffed.
  2. Keep the cuff small - The smaller the cuff the better. When you get into 3+ inch cuffs your pants begin to cut your legs off and make you instantly look shorter (and often stouter). So keep those cuffs small and tidy!
  3. Fold and Roll – To begin a cuff take the outside seam of your pant leg and fold it into itself and roll up in a small, neat manner. Try to keep the cuff height and width on each leg the same size for a uniform look.

I encourage everyone to try cuffing their favorite jeans for a fresh, updated look. Updating your style can be easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, cuffing is a perfect example of this.

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