How To Measure Bra Size

Victoria's Secret Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

Yesterday I found myself meandering around Victoria’s Secret with no particular goal in mind. As I began browsing the immaculately arranged table of my favorite PINK  wear everywhere push-up bra a saleswoman as sweet and wrinkled as my grandmother approached me. She was quick to ask if I needed any help and I robotically responded, “no thanks, I’m just looking.” After a brief pause she asked when the last time I had been fitted for a bra was. Now I am not one to shy away from this sort of thing, growing up in a house full of girls left me with no shame. I would say I get a bra fitting about once a year, hoping and praying that sometime in the last year I would have grown to be 2-cup sizes larger than I think I am. Unfortunately, this has never happened.  I happily agreed to this bra fitting and we headed back to the fitting room. I emerged the same size I knowingly went in with, thanked the woman and was on my way. Wearing the correct size bra is important for many reasons. Not only does it give you the kind of support and coverage you need, but a good fitting bra also allows your clothes to have an overall better look and fit. I would assume that there are many women who have never properly been measured for an accurate bra size. Perhaps due to the humility of the situation or maybe it never crossed their mind. If you are one of the women who avoid fittings at all cost because your face flushes and your palms sweat then this simple at-home measuring guide courtesy of Victoria's Secret is for you!


 You Need: A soft tape measure

Step 1: Hold the tape measure in the middle of your back at band level. Wrap the tape measure around your front just above your bust. This is your BAND NUMBER.

Step 2: Measure completely around your bust, starting at your nipples. This is your BUST MEASUREMENT. (If it falls on ½ inch, round up.)

Step 3:  Subtract your BAND NUMBER from your BUST MEASUREMENT. This number determines your cup size. See the guide below.

0” – AA

1” – A

2” – B

3” – C

4” – D



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