How To Wear A Chunky Necklace

LOFT chunky necklace

Bold statement pieces can often be intimidating and challenging when considering incorporating them into your wardrobe. The ornate detailing and instant eye catching appeal of chunky necklaces are no exception. Peopel often fear that such a necklace will say too much or overpower an outfit, but when done right this trendy look is easily accessible. The first word that comes to mind when discussing a statement necklace is “neckline.”  Neckline is key when accessorizing with such a bold piece. Surprisingly there are four different neckline shapes that compliment a bold necklace wonderfully.

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First, we have the crew neck. Its classic shape encourages a bit of interest and sparkle encapsulated with a chunky necklace. Whether the crew top is sleeveless, short sleeved or long sleeved, this bold accessory looks fabulous.

Second, we have the V-neck. This plunging neckline begs for adornment and a statement necklace effortlessly draws attention to your face. Try something like this Banana Republic pearly bloom necklace with either a V-neck dress or fun blouse, compliments will be soon to follow.

Thirdly, we have a collared shirt. This neckline is the one that people are most unsure of because the symmetrical collar already brings a lot to the table. This predictable, timeless top is begging for a little glitz and glam. With the addition of a chunky necklace like this pearlized bauble necklace from LOFT your tailored look takes on a personality of its own.

Lastly, we have a strapless neckline. This neckline perhaps leaves the most desired from accessories and a chunky necklace is the perfect answer. Try breaking up the overwhelming amount of bare skin with a bib necklace like this one from Forever 21. Its architectural feel and symmetrical detailing make it the perfect topper to any strapless style.

Go big, go bold and be beautiful!