How To Wear Patterned Tights

Patterned Tights

I found myself perusing the racks of Nordstrom yesterday afternoon in hopes of putting a few Christmas gift cards to good use. I stumbled across a display full of different colors and textures of patterned tights. A gorgeous pair of black Jessica Simpson tights with intricate detailing around the knee immediately drew me in. I have always had an eye for patterned tights but for some unknown reason have never purchased a pair. I broke down and spent the $6.00 needed to call those fabulous tights mine and like any true fashionista I spent the thirty-minute drive home creating different outfits in my head to pair with my newest purchase! These tights are great for any woman at any age if they are worn correctly. I have 3 “Do’s” when it comes to pulling off this daring look.

  1. The pattern of the tight should be the stand-alone pattern. This is not the place to mix and match patterns. Keep the remainder of your look solid and understated. Patterned tights are a statement in themselves so forcing them to compete with the rest of your outfit is simply unfair.
  2. Keep the color of the tights neutral. Patterned tights can quickly take a turn from glamorous to chaotic if worn in the wrong color. A hot pink houndstooth might be perfect for a rave but could easily get you sent home at the office. Stick with the basics; navy and black are a few of my personal favorites.
  3. Make it all about your legs! Patterned tights need to be seen so hike up those hemlines and take a shot of confidence because you will surely grab the attention of any and all onlookers in these fashion forward tights.

Follow these 3 simple rules and you will have opened the Pandora’s box of new and exciting outfit ideas! Try a pair and let me know what you think!


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