How To Wear White Heels

How to wear white heels

That's right, the 1980's are on their way back and the fashion world is letting us by the reintroduction of the white heel. These stark, stacked pieces of art are flooding the shelves of the trendiest shops signaling a triumphant return. How to Wear White Heels

It is important to keep in mind that while white is a neutral it also comes off as uniquely bold when done in a heel, so treat it as such.

  • White heels are the perfect shoe pairing with colorful, busy prints. Its neutrality keeps the look new and fresh without competing for attention or being predictable.
  • A white heel is also a complimenter of a colored denim when topped with a basic v-neck tee. The casualness of the clothing is bumped up with the sleekness and sass of a low profile white heel.
  • I also love a white heel with a buttery leather. Whether it be a slim leather pant or a leather mini. The combination of the hardness of the leather and the softness of the white is a fashion forward, gorgeous combination.
  • White heels are versatile and work with both dressy and casual looks. A white heel can wow at a wedding or steal the attention at a cookout. Either way they are sure to not disappoint.

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