What a trip! Phil and I had the absolute BEST time on our vacation to Italy, the weather was perfect, the food was divine, and my travel companion was awesome! We started our trip in Positano, took a boat trip up the Amalfi Coast, stayed a couple of nights in Sorrento, headed to Capri for the day, toured around Pompeii, and spent our last night in Naples - ALL IN ONE WEEK! And it was still incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Of course, we missed Ruby while we were away but we knew she was in great hands (she spent the week in Ohio with my parents) and was having the time of her life. Although we missed her, Phil and I truly appreciated the time we had to spend together and cherished every (quiet) moment. 

We have arrived! Our driver, Giovanni, stopped at this lookout over Positano to snap our picture.

These views are like nothing you have ever seen before! Good work iPhone camera.

Dinner at Buca di Bacco in Positano overlooking Spiaggia Beach.

I was not not a coffee drinker, but after this trip I am officially HOOKED on Cappuccinos. 

An after dinner walk through downtown Positano - although it was really like an after dinner intense hike, Positano has more stairs than any place I have ever been! Apparently that's how they stay thin with all of the pasta they consume!

On our way up the Amalfi Coast via boat! If anyone is going to Italy soon, I HIGHLY recommend a boat trip. We spent an entire day on this boat with 10 others, stopped and swam in grottos, had lunch in Amalfi, and our captain made sure our glasses of Prosecco were never empty! It was definitely a trip highlight.

Positano from the water - Incredible!

Amalfi in the background.

After spending 3 days in Positano we headed to Sorrento. Here is Marina Grande from our lunch spot, Soul and Fish, on our first afternoon there.

I ate SO MUCH Gelato, sometimes I had 2 per day, and I never strayed from pistachio. Why mess with perfection? 

From Sorrento we took a boat to Capri for the day. Capri is literally overrun with tourists, so in order to escape the madness I agreed to a scooter rental. Thankfully, Phil was a GREAT driver and I was only scared for my life three different times.

Victorious scootering! Basically at "the top" of Capri. My eyes were closed about 80% of our ride up the winding mountain, reminding God that we had a child and to please keep us safe.

Exploring the beautiful non-touristy parts of Capri!

We discovered a local beach on our Capri journey and spent the afternoon pretending we lived there. Although Phil's backpack gave away our secret.

As we headed from Sorrento to Naples we had our driver, Giovanni, stop in Pompeii for a few hours. Neither Phil nor I knew what to expect, and I can confidently say we were both blown away by the overall size of the city and the size of the individual structures. How was all of this buried, and then uncovered?!

Tourist Dressing 101 - tennis shoes, audio tour hanging around your neck, and water bottle. Check!

The last night of our trip we had Pizza in Naples at the home of the original Margherita Pizza! Although neither of us ordered the Margherita Pizza. Oops. It was still some of the best pizza we have ever had.