Even though Christmas feels like it was yesterday, I can't pass up the opportunity to spoil Ruby, especially if it's in honor of a holiday celebrating love! While she truly needs nothing I use Valentine's Day and Easter to buy her essentials and a small thing or two she will really love. For instance, we are going on a warm weather vacation at the end of March, so along with a toy and book she will be opening a new bathing suit and pair of sunglasses. It's a win win!

1. Swimsuit - This sweet little swimsuit is the perfect way to celebrate a holiday centered around love. Hearts never go out of season, or style!

2. Nike Sneakers - As warm weather days begin to pop up, the babies need a shoe option other than their fur lined, waterproof, chunky boots. Sneakers are a great weather transition shoe!

3. Book - No one can ever have too many books! This twist on a classic is perfect for reading to your little ones on Valentine's Day.

4. Pajamas - A practical gift that is guaranteed to excite when it hosts their favorite character! In this house, we can NEVER have enough Minnie Mouse. Ever.

5. Sunglasses - These polarized shades are too cute for words. The tortoise shell frames are guaranteed to conjure up a few "oooohs, and ahhhhs," and sunglasses are a necessity as we head into the warmer months.

6. Puzzle - We love puzzles, and the added fun of a magnetic fishing pole makes this particular puzzle a slam dunk. 

7. Swing - If we had a yard for this swing, it would be in my shopping cart ready for purchase. I love this fun alternative to a standard swing and I am sure kiddos would get hours of entertainment out of it.

8. Rain Boots - Before the sunshine comes the rain. With the rainy months approaching a great pair of rain boots make puddle stomping acceptable! 

9. Umbrella - To pair with their rain boots, of course!

10. Legos - While Ruby is still a bit young for traditional Lego sets, the Duplos are perfect for her tiny hands. She loves to build and create, and she LOVES Minnie. She will be opening this on Valentine's Day.