Lele Sadoughi Designs


I am always keeping my eyes open for designers a little less main stream than the ones we find using in our everyday vocabulary. Last week I happily stumbled across a reputable designer who has recently started her own jewelry line. Lele Sadoughi began designing private jewelry pieces for retailers such as Banana Republic, Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus in 2005. Lele then transitioned to J.CREW in 2006. She is responsible for starting their jewelry line and seeing it through for the next five years. The success Lele found at J.CREW gained her respect and credibility in her field and she currently holds the title of Creative Director at Tory Burch as well as being the Founder and Creative Director of Lele Sadoughi Designs.

Her jewelry is gorgeous and original but unlike anything else available on the market. Her designs are full of color and sparkle and it is easy to see why this woman has seen the successes she has in such a short period of time. Take a look at her pieces and let me know your thoughts, I think I stumbled across a real “gem.”