LIFE (and a cute 4th of July outfit)

Ugh. It's been a long couple of days. Ruby has a summer cold, she is teething (AGAIN!), and had a long day yesterday of serious belly/potty troubles. We have done more loads of laundry, taken more baths, and gone through more tissues than I care to disclose. Being sick isn't fun for anyone, especially a baby who can't tell you exactly what is wrong or how she is feeling. I feel for her, poor little thing. On top of that, my sister who is currently stationed in Kansas, found out yesterday that her weekend pass request to Chicago was denied. So, she won't be able to come visit this weekend like we had all been planning on. Such a bummer, and I'm sad. Ugh.

With that being said, I am completely uninspired and could not think of a topic for today's post for the life of me. It's hard to talk about fashion when you are Clorox-ing liquid diarrhea (that escaped a diaper) off of your hardwood floors, your pockets are full of snotty kleenex, and all you want is to spend the weekend with your sister. Here's hoping that Ruby starts feeling better and that my sister's Sargent has a change of heart. Fingers crossed.

I'll leave you with a little Fourth of July outfit inspiration - here is what I plan on wearing to celebrate this Independence Day!