My apologies for the mini blog hiatus. We have been BUSY! Life with a 15 month old is no joke, this girl does not stop moving, she is curious, she is observant, she is smart, and we are loving every single second! Her favorite pastime is emptying cabinets as fast as possible. Who knew saran wrap and tampons made such great toys?

Although Ruby takes up most of our time, Phil and I managed to escape to Nashville this past weekend for a wedding thanks to grandpa and grandma. A friend of Phil's from college married his long time girlfriend (who I adore!) at a gorgeous barn outside the city. If it looks like we are glowing in this photo, don't worry it isn't a new foundation, it's sweat. It was a hot hot day, but better sun than rain!

On top of travel and Ruby we have also decided that it is time to buy a house! I can't believe I just typed that, it feels so adult, and way too real. Phil and I are both nomads at heart and that fact that we like somewhere enough to BUY is mind blowing. Chicago (specifically Lincoln Park) has so much to offer and we honestly can't see ourselves picking up and moving to another city (at least right now ha!). Buying a house is stressful, especially in a market where home prices are high and the good ones are only available for a couple of days. So if you think about us, send us your prayers and well wishes that this process goes smoothly and that we find a house perfect for our family!

I'll leave you with photo of Ruby. We had just returned from a showing and she is clearly already exhausted by the house hunting process. Lord help us.