Trendbetter - First Post


This blog post is the first of many addressing simple, everyday fashion snags experienced by women of all shapes, sizes and ages. You will find style remedies for the questions you ask yourself on a day-to-day basis and tips to take you from unnoticed to head turner! I hear from friends, family members and strangers muttering under their breath in the fitting room how frustrating dressing your own body can be. The overwhelming amount of options and lightning speed trends cause even the weathered fashionistas to second guess themselves.

I am here to save you from mornings where you are standing naked in your closet feeling avalanched by your own clothes or looking in the mirror saying to yourself, “is this right, why did I buy this, I don’t know what I am doing?” Believe me, we all have those days!

I look forward to this journey and encourage any and all feedback! Please comment to your hearts desire and ask as many questions as you can. Cheers.