New Year - New Lip Color

Mac - On Hold

Happy New Year! It is good to be back. I have missed writing; contributing to Trendbetter is something I look forward to everyday and being without internet and cell service for an entire week made blog posting impossible! With that being said I hope you all had a wonderful New Years. Like I mentioned earlier I spent mine in Lake Tahoe. The snow was gorgeous, the food was spectacular and the company of fabulous friends was invaluable. My 2013 is already off to a great start! I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions because I have found more often than not I fail or forget about them. This year I decided to try something new, literally. My resolution this year is to try new things, specifically things I would not normally use, taste, wear or do. A particular eye opening lipstick revelation kicked off this resolution.

A few months ago my boyfriend’s parents met us in New York City for the weekend. We were on our way to see the (amazing) Broadway show Book of Mormon when his mom commented on the size of my purse.  (Which turns out was a wristlet just big enough to carry a few credit cards and my phone.) She mentioned that she couldn’t imagine carrying everything that she needed in such a small bag

What she said next really grabbed my attention. She asked, “Where do you keep your lipstick?” I turned to her and said, “I don’t wear lipstick, and I actually don’t even own any.” Her shock was surprising yet expected as her lips are always perfectly painted.  Her talent of flawlessly applying lipstick while walking and talking sans mirror is something I can only aspire to.

From that moment on I made it my mission to experiment with lipstick and get over this fictional idea that I was on a downward spiral as soon as I hopped on the lipstick express. I walked into MAC with my head held high and headed straight for the lipstick display table. I was immediately approached by a sales woman and together we embarked on the “what is my color” journey. After a painless fifteen minutes I had decided on a gorgeous lip color called On Hold. It is a perfect everyday lip wear, it provides color without being too bold and its long lasting effect makes it a thoughtless accessory. It is a gorgeous combination of orange and pink highlighting every skin tone and accentuating natural lip tones. I am in love!

I am ready to start my year of “New.”