Mixing Patterns And Prints

Mixed Prints and Patterns

Successfully mixing patterns and prints can be complex for even a seasoned fashionista. Fears of resembling a circus clown can damper anyone’s out of the box style ideas. With a few foolproof tips you wardrobe is guaranteed to flourish as your outfit options multiply. Rule #1: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Mixing patterns and prints is not something that comes natural so experimenting is a must. Give yourself an hour to dig through your closet pairing one pattern with another until you find combinations that you are happy with! This is a skill that takes thought and a little bit of practice so don't be too hard on yourself if it takes you a little while to perfect it.

Rule #2: BIG print + little Print + Solid = Winning Combination. Always keep this formula in mind when mixing patterns and prints. It doesn’t matter which piece you assign to which pattern just make sure it all adds up correctly. For instance, you can pair a polka dot sweater (BIG print) with a black and white striped shirt (little print) and a dark wash jean (solid) for a perfected mixed prints look. Another option is start with a black and white cross hatch pant (small print) add a bold yellow striped sweater (BIG print) and finish off with a black patent flat (solid) giving you another fabulous mixed pattern and print outfit. The number of combinations available is endless just keep this simple rule in mind and you are on your way!

Rule #3: Don’t be scared to mix colors. Black and white is simple and almost impossible to mess up, this can be a great starting point when first experimenting with mixing patterns and prints. However once you are comfortable don’t hesitate to take it one step further and apply the same BIG print + little print + solid formula with color.

I hope this is something you will give a try! Let me know how it goes, send me picture I would love to share your success stories.


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