Lately I have been loving the look of the long oversized cardigan. Cardigans have come a long way from their buttoned up, dress pant topper glory days. This staple has been recreated in a more relaxed, everyday, go to piece. I for one am a huge fan, it fits my lifestyle perfectly and it's an easy way to take an otherwise bland look to the next level, and sweaters in Chicago are ALWAYS a great idea. 

I pinned the outfit below months ago and am still loving it's casual chic vibe. My closet is full of graphic teas, skinny jeans and sneakers. The addition of a few long cardigans is just the refresher my (any) wardrobe needs as we head into spring. "Functional yet fashionable," is this anybody else's motto?

My favorite long cardigans are in neutral colors, they pair easily and they tend to not look as dated as some of the prints and colored options I have seen. (My wardrobe is 100% neutrals so that could also be why I prefer them.)

Below are some of my favorites, and the best part about trying this trend is that it isn't going to break the bank. If you hate the look - no worries, you haven't invested much. If you love it, you have my permission to splurge on the cashmere. Wink Wink.