Although Ruby officially turned one a few weeks ago, this past weekend we continued the celebration with our family and friends. I had so much fun preparing and executing this back yard party for our little babe, and she was more than thrilled to all of the attention on her (any day she gets cake is a GREAT day in her mind). 

In keeping with a SUPER simple theme, "Garden Party," I served fresh bite size eats, refreshing beverages (wine, individual bottles of Prosecco, cucumber water, La Croix and Izze), and had a variety of mini cupcakes from the fabulous bakery across the street - that were literally inhaled. Fresh flowers contributed to the garden theme and added fantastic pops of color. A window frame served as the focal point over the table and displayed pictures of Ruby at each month of her first year, it was by far my favorite party addition!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who came and made this day even more special for our little family!