Sales To Shop This Weekend


Happy Friday! There are too many too good to be true sales to pass up this weekend. The sales I have seen are so fabulous that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you (and tell you about the ones I have already hit up). 1. H&M – H&M is winding down their big sale meaning they are practically GIVING things away. I stopped in earlier this week and saw prices starting at $3.00, wow! Don’t be scared off by the insanely low prices, the selection and available sizes of the clearance items is fantastic. H&M is spring cleaning and the pieces on sale are definitely worth taking a look at.

2. ZARA – I feel like Zara never puts anything on sale so when 80% of the store has been marked down significantly you will find me in the checkout line. It is Zara’s Fall/Winter 2012 sale so the majority of the clothes on clearance are geared to the colder months. That by no means turns me off; it is only January in New England. I have many more months of winter weather wear ahead of me.

3. MACYS – Macy’s is having a fantastic one-day sale tomorrow (January 12,2013). I checked out their deals and if you are in the market for a new winter coat then a trip to the mall or a quick online order would do your bank account a favor. Macys has marked down, then marked down again a huge selection of their outdoor winter wear making this the perfect time to end the season in style.

4. VICTORIA’S SECRET – It is that time of year again, Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale. I checked out the merchandise last weekend and was blown away by the amount of GREAT bras and panties in the clearance bins. I don’t always come out victorious at their sales and feel that quite often the things they mark down are things I would not typically wear (unless I was on my honeymoon). This time that didn’t seem to be an issue, the bins were stocked full of great everyday bras and panties and I came home with two bras both marked at $15.99. Marshalls can’t even beat those prices!

So get out there this weekend and put the last of your Christmas money to use! Happy shopping and let me know what you steals you find!