We signed the lease on our one bedroom apartment two months before we found out I was pregnant. We were committed until a month after my due date, so we knew we had to make it work.

The idea of the "non-nursery" was bittersweet. I, of course, had been fantasizing my dream nursery for twenty years (Father of The Bride Part II anyone?) but without the space to live out those dreams it forced us to get creative.

We had one wall in our (thankfully HUGE) Master Bedroom, it was the wall between our bedroom door and my closet door that we designated for the baby. Pre-pregnancy that wall housed a black and white upholstered chair, gold side table, and the idea to add a starburst mirror. The chair was relocated to another corner of our bedroom, we sold the table, and I spent my starburst mirror budget on diapers. YIPPEE.

We used the basket (from Home Goods) to the left of the crib for laundry, it was perfect for teeny tiny baby things. In this photo the walls look yellow, but I can assure you they were an off white. There is nothing I hate more than yellow walls. And that door, you can thank the 1840's for its incredible craftsmanship.

Crib | Crib Sheet | Crib WrapMobile | Animal Prints | Frames | Quilt (handmade) !!! 

Although our Master Bedroom was a great size there was no room for a rocking chair, so we rearranged our living room to incorporate such a beast. We actually preferred that the rocker not be in the bedroom so that middle of the night feedings were less disturbing once Phil went back to work. The bookshelf was soon filled with books for the baby and the basket inside held all of my nursing/pumping equipment. We eventually replaced the candle with a lamp, which made 2:00 am wake up calls much less clumsy. 

Rocking Chair (this one is a Bassett from Buy Buy Baby) | Pillow (similar) | Bookcase (similar) | Gallery Frames

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of our changing station, (and we don't live in that apartment anymore so I can't snap one) but it was on the wall to the left of the crib. We turned what I was using as a dresser into a changing table/dresser combo for the baby. We found the changing table topper at target and LOVED it, it turned a piece of furniture that we already had into something completely functional. The topper screwed into the back of the dresser and BAM, we had a changing table. 

Phil and I didn't find out the gender of our baby, so there was no temptation to hoard blues and pinks. At the end of the day, this was still our bedroom, and we didn't want to feel like we were sleeping on the set of a Care Bears episode. We chose a simple, sleek palette on purpose and it couldn't have worked out any better.

Changing Pad Cover | Changing Table Topper | Mirror | Dresser

At the end of the day what makes bringing home a baby so special is not the nursery. It's their tiny hands, their little smirks, and the unconditional love you have for them. It's the best.