Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Marc Jacobs Black & White

Spring 2013 fashion trends continue from yesterday’s flowy skirts to today’s classic black and white color palette. I already know what you are thinking, “black and white, we hear about black and white EVERY year, isn’t that always in style?” The answer is yes; you’re right but this spring’s trend of a black and white color combination is far more dramatic and "trend" worthy than years past.  Black and White

Think bold, think statement and think pattern and you will be headed in the right direction with this trend.  Marc Jacobs runway show was packed full of dramatic shapes and prints all revolving around this ever popular black and white color scheme.

How To Wear Black and White

With colors this classic it is exciting to switch up the presentation and create a look that is eye catching yet sophisticated. A black and white geometric dress transitions seamlessly from day to night with the addition of elegant jewelry and a higher heel. Truly, any combination of these colors can be featured on any woman of any age without fail. Keep your eyes open for this eye-popping trend sure to stand the test of time!



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