Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Nail Art

Today wraps up my five-day focus on this spring’s fashion trends. I hope you are feeling fashionably confident as we head into warmer weather and that your wardrobe decisions reflect that. For our final day of spring trends I am doing something a little different. Up until this point I have focused mainly on clothing and color trends for the upcoming season but today it is all about the nails! With the creation of polish strips, embellishments and thousands of colors to choose from our nails have transformed into art galleries who find themselves on constant display. This spring nails are front and center and the more attention they draw the better. Allow your nails to act as an accessory or even be the focal point of your look. They say a lot about you so let them speak! Try going for a printed polish strip that would normally be miles outside your comfort zone. The next time you’re at the drugstore pick up the brightest color of nail polish you can find. It doesn’t hurt to try and you may be surprised with all the attention your statement nails receive!

As you fill your closest with the latest and greatest this spring don’t forget to spend time on a feature you carry around everyday.


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