Spring Jackets

Spring Jackets

Boston is recovering nicely from this delightful snowstorm called Nemo. Everyone is thankful for temperatures in the mid 40’s as the sun speeds up the melting process. All of the melting has given me a steady stream of water accompanied by aggressive drips that are smacking my windowsill. It sounds like A.) 100 birds are tap-dancing and B.) It is making me have to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, neither is pleasant after a significant amount of time. As the temperatures begin to creep up and we start to leave our gloves, scarves and earmuffs behind the transition from covered up snow bunny to bright and sunny fashionista begins.

Spring Jackets - Style

The style of this years spring jackets align with trends we are already familiar with. Take this black and white striped trench from Banana Republic, both the color scheme and print are some of this spring's favorite looks. Another must have is military inspired gear. Both this Zara studded jacket and H&M two-tone jacket provide a trendy twist on this classic style. With temperatures on the ups color is at the forefront of spring jackets. This blossom sleeve trench from Anthrolpologie brought an instant smile to my face. With its bold colors, fun print and mod detailing how could it not?

Spring Jackets - Fit

Each of these spring jackets works well with every age and any body type. The belt of a trench and the drawstring of a military jacket provide the perfect waist. The trench easily transitions from day to night where as a military jacket leans more towards to the casual side. Spring Jackets are a must; keep these simple ideas in mind as you head out to bring a little spring into your closet!


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