Tank Tops Under Shirts

Tank tops hanging out at the bottom of women's shirts has somehow grown to be one of my most aggravating pet peeves. Ladies I understand the practicality of wearing camisole like tanks under sweaters and t-shirts. They keep you warm, stop scratchy sweaters from itching you, and act as a more comfortable version of Spanx by smoothing out any lumps and bumps. However, letting them hang out underneath your shirt is not doing anyone a favor. First, it instantly makes your look appear sloppy and unpolished. Second, it cuts you off in at an unnatural point that emphasizes your hips and makes your legs seem shorter. Neither of these are a good thing and can easily be prevented by tucking in your camisole or tank top. The sudden vanish of your tank may seem odd at first but trust me you are doing your body a favor! You can still reap the benefits of an under shirt tank top but will remain stylish while flattering your body when you tuck it in, keeping the bottom of the tank out of sight!