The "3 Different Ways" Rule

Number three

Whether you are cleaning out your closet, shopping with your best friend or meandering through clearance racks the “3 different ways” rule needs to become your go to mantra. If you are taking a rainy Saturday to go through your closet, take the time to do it right. Go through each piece and come up with “3 different ways” to wear it. For instance, if you are looking at a black and white striped sleeveless blouse you can pair that with (1) a black pair of dress pants and blazer for the office, (2) a dark jean and pumps for date night and (3) a pair of white shorts and sandals for a summer barbeque. There you go, three different outfits, it’s a keeper!

When you pick up a piece of clothing, no matter its price you need to take thirty seconds and think of “3 different ways” you can wear that piece. I say “no matter its price” because often women come across a too good to be true clearance item and purchase it just because it was on sale. More often than not they get home and the tags never get taken off because they have nothing to wear it with, meaning that money was wasted.

Trendy clothing items are great and can be a lot of fun but you want to be careful and not overwhelm your closet with them. They come in and go out of style quickly, so in order to get the most bang for your buck keep the “3 different ways” rule in mind and you will be excited and gratified with each and every purchase.

Take that extra step and mentally go through your closet and create 3 different looks around this one item. It may be challenging at first, but I promise it will be worth it. You will save yourself money and closet space and you will be even more excited about bringing a new piece into your wardrobe when you can imagine yourself wearing it.