How To Give The Illusion Of Longer Legs

Banana Repulic Black Dress

One of my favorite tricks is creating the illusion of a longer leg. Granted we all wish we were born with legs like Heidi Klum but unfortunately only she could be so lucky. The rest of us have to learn to fake it, but don’t worry with a few tips we will all be ready for the runway! Bring that waistline UP! You instantly achieve a much longer leg when you take the attention off of your hips and give it your natural waistline. Often times women are hesitant to experiment with a higher waistline because they feel it draws attention to parts they are trying to hide (like a tummy). However, by working with an elevated waistline your legs become longer and leaner suggesting that you are taller than you actually are and therefore slimmer.

For starters try something like this sleeveless knit wrap dress from Banana Republic. You can see that the belted waist lies higher than the hip area, bringing your eyes up and creating the idea of a longer leg. This wrap dress is a great staple piece. I personally love it in the striking blue color but your options are limitless in black. It is something you can transition from winter to summer by exchanging tights and a blazer for sandals and a bangles all while adding inches to your frame.

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If you are a little more on the adventurous side this peplum print dress from H&M will grab attention for all of the right reasons. The waistline of this piece falls on the natural waist, significantly higher than the hip. Peplums are all the rage this season and a double duty peplum/leg lengthening dress is a guaranteed triumph. Keep in mind,

if you are on the curvy side peplums may add volume to spots where volume is not welcome. On the flip side if you are suffering from curve envy (like me) a peplum is perfect because it gives shape to the shapeless! Try it on, you’ll never know until you try it!

So hike up those waistlines and strut those long, lean, sexy legs!