I LOVE the Olympics, and specifically the summer Olympics. I of course love watching gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball, but find diving and running to be just as exciting! There is nothing more relaxing than laying Ruby down for bed, curling up on the couch and watching hours upon hours of Olympics coverage. I hate all things television and have never been the person who has "shows," but the Olympics hype always sucks me in. In honor of Rio hosting this year, here is a fun Brazilian flag outfit inspiration. Although let's be honest I am watching the Olympics in my Victoria's Secret sleep shirt and Pottery Barn fur slippers.

Dress | Choker | Clutch | Sandals 

And in recent house news, all is going well! Our inspection went great, our loan was approved, so now we wait for all of the little details to fall into place. Thank you for the kind words and warm wishes.  Phil and I are very excited, and feel very blessed to be on this home buying journey.