So, tomorrow Phil and I leave for Italy. WHAT?! It still hasn't hit me yet, but I am so excited and cannot wait to get there. I am expecting to gain a minimum of 10 pounds, woo hoo! 

I've only known about the trip for a little over a month, Phil gifted it to me for our anniversary and it was a definite surprise. He COMPLETELY out gifted my traditional second year anniversary gift of cotton (you guessed it, I gave him a shirt). Ugh. Next year I'll do better, maybe. 

I've spent the last few weeks picking up some new pieces, because none of the clothes I currently owned were appropriate for Italy (obviously). I am now packed and ready to go but deciding on my travel outfit proved to be the biggest challenge. I am so NOT the girl in tennis shoes, yoga pants and a ponytail who may or may not have brushed her teeth.

I am always inspired by women who take the time to look presentable while traveling (I doubt Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn showed up for a flight in leggings and a stained t-shirt). You never know who you will meet on a flight, if I am seated next to someone I want to make an impression on I guarantee that I will not be ashamed of my choice in travel wear. 

Just because you look good doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable. I've styled three looks perfect for travel that will leave a positive impression on your seat mate while keeping you cozy and comfortable. 

Cardigan | T-Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Purse

When in doubt go monochromatic. Something about it always exudes an effortless chicness. A long oversized cardigan is perfectly practical when you're dealing with unpredictable airplane temperatures. A flat mule is an easy on and off through security, and a colorful cross body provides the perfect place to store you phone and boarding pass while freeing up your hands.

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Bracelet |

If you insist on wearing sweats, try cashmere instead of spandex. Pair them with a silk top and flat mule. Add a hint of sparkle with an easy wrap bracelet and hide your under eye bags with an ultra glam pair of sunglasses. 

Dress | Shoes | Nail Polish | LipStick

I am and will always be a HUGE fan of dresses. To me, there is nothing more comfortable than a loose fitting dress inviting your legs to curl up inside and take a nap. Again, pair it with a pop of color slip on shoe, coordinating lipstick and nail polish for an incredible sleek yet perfectly comfortable look. 


Bon Voyage!