Trend Alert - Cross Body Purse

Cross Body Purse

It’s a new year and the perfect time to freshen up your closet and discover new and exciting ways to add a little spice to your wardrobe. As women we are not only able to express ourselves through clothing but also through the accessories we choose to complete our looks. A cross body bag is the perfect accessory to add a little flair to our everyday. [gallery link="file" ids="2721,2720,2722"]

Not only is the cross body bag stylish, its functionality is unmatched. The long shoulder strap allows for easy diagonal body draping freeing both hands. Unlocking your car door and sipping your latte become the easiest multi-task of the day! Try this adorable Aldo cross body purse in a classic black and white stripe; the polka dot bow adds the perfect amount of whimsy. This purse would be great for a summer barbecue or complete your monochromatic dinner party look.

Cross body purses are also great for a night out. Your mind will be at ease with your valuables secured over your shoulder and resting on your hip. The hands free bag makes purchasing and carrying drinks a cinch. Should you find yourself sans coat check sling your coat through the straps and you are hands free once more.

Not only do these genius little bags ease the hassle of our everyday lives they are also an instant pop of fun. By choosing a cross body purse in a color such as emerald green the purse often becomes your statement piece. With such a bold color draped across your body you will find yourself getting more compliments on your Target cobalt blue cross body purse than your Stuart Weitzman’s.

This fabulous style of bag will be “trendy” for years to come. Its style and functionality have yet to be outdone by its competitors.