V-Shape Nail Art

V Shape Nail Art

I was perusing magazines and lets be honest, Pinterest, the other day for intriguing yet doable nail art. I feel like I have been doing the same thing with my nails for the last twenty years and quite frankly I am bored looking at the same style of polished finger tips. V-Shape Nail Art

I came across lovely geometric V-shape nail art and after taking a look at a quick tutorial decided this was something I could do. I love this new trend for its edgy, attention grabbing appeal. I was also a fan of the nice contrast the deep V provided against the soft curved shape of my nails and finger tips. This contrast allows for even more attention to be drawn to freshly painted nails.

How To Do It

As winter turns to spring try something different with your nail art and embrace the geometric trend all the way through to your finger tips. All you need is a little scotch tape formed in the shape of a V on each nail and two of your favorite nail colors (you could do more and get really creative like in the picture above, but for sanity and perfectionists sake I think I will stick to one V per finger). Happy painting!


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